About The Boat And The Bike

By way of an introduction I am with my wife a keen sailor, we enjoy sailing and cycling, the freedom to travel by the power of the wind and the pedal.

 crop DSC_0019
After twenty years of flying and operating a hotair balloon rides company we discovered a mutual love of sailing. Having never set foot on a yacht we signed up for an RYA course  and after completing  two further courses we bought our first boat, a Westerly Kestrel that allowed us to gain sea miles and experience.  In 2009 we acquired a Dufour 40 and in 2011 we embarked on our longest cruise to date across Biscay and down to Portugal before returning in 2012.
My interest in cycling started at school when I saved pocket and paper round money to

buy a Claud Butler “racer” but sadly other interests took priority and I took a sabbatical from the bike for thirty years. The flame rekindled some ten years ago as a way of keeping fit with the purchase of a Marin Palisade Trail MTB and then last year supplemented with a Boardman Team Hybrid and recently a Cannondale Synapse Carbon road bike, oh and of course a couple of folding Dahon bikes for the boat.


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